Tutoring sessions are structured with daily exercises, work with the JustREAD ToolBox, reading a book of the student’s choice, and writing.  Supplementary materials are also used to aid students in studying for the California High School Exit Exam.

  • JustREAD ToolBox: This set of  “curriculum-in-a-box” instructional materials, developed by education professionals, provides structure and content to guide the tutor in teaching fundamental concepts to students. The JustREAD ToolBox contains a series of booklets covering the alphabet, phonics, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and writing.



The JustMATH ToolBox and tutoring sessions have a four-fold emphasis that helps students build math knowledge and fluency.

  • Systematic Approach: emphasizes a path for engaging students at the beginning of each session with daily warm-up exercises that start with simple concepts and build toward more complex topics.
  • Curriculum Content: provides tutor and student with a series of booklets that present the key math content needed to bring students up to grade-level math performance.  The booklets assist tutors in clearly describing math concepts and give the students an opportunity to practice and reinforce the content they’ve just learned.
  • Tangible Tools: provide easy access to “hands on” items that help students visualize, quantify, and manipulate math concepts and principles.
  • Math Made Real: demonstrates and reinforces to students that math exists everywhere in their daily lives by providing many “real world” examples.  These exercises help foster “mathematical thinking” as a way for students to make decisions in their lives.


JustRead Curriculum
No other program that I know of takes high school students where they are, back to Kindergarten reading readiness, if necessary, and builds on the fundamentals in a systematic way.

— Assistant Principal, Mountain View High School

JustRead Curriculum

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