Tutor Training & Support

  • Tutors attend two trainings to learn about JustREAD and JustMATH’s philosophy, methodology and use of the ToolBoxes.
  • Tutors shadow an experienced tutor before beginning to volunteer.
  • Students are tutored in dedicated classrooms on campus with other tutors and students present.
  • Each tutoring session is monitored by a Site Coordinator, who is available to help tutors with questions and to offer support.
  • Tutors receive a weekly email from a Site Coordinator regarding scheduling and other items of interest to tutors.
  • Tutors are welcome to attend informal “Tutors Talk” sessions, where tutors meet each other, share ideas, and learn about tutoring techniques.


More than 100 tutors volunteered 4,277 hours during the 2012-2013 academic year.


I really love this program. I think it is so great how easy it is to get involved as a tutor.

— JustREAD Tutor

JustRead Tutor Training and Support
Best tutoring program I've worked with.  Very impressed with materials available and "always there" program manager.

— JustREAD Tutor

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