Tracking Progress

JustREAD measures the success of its programs in both quantitative and qualitative terms.

  • Student Quantitative Outcomes: Improved test scores, grades and school attendance; completion of core courses; credit accumulation; on-time promotion to the next grade; passage of CAHSEE; graduation.
  • Student Qualitative Outcomes: Reduced behavioral and disciplinary problems; increased class participation, greater self-confidence, smiles and laughter, and hope for the future.
  • Tutor Outcomes: A community of trained adult volunteers who form healthy relationships with students, effectively use JustREAD’s proprietary curriculum, and return to JustREAD and JustMATH year after year.

JustREAD and JustMATH test students when they enter and exit the program.

  • Each student is given the Woodcock-Johnson NU III Tests of Achievement to identify specific gaps in their learning skills. The GSRT is also given to test reading comprehension.
  • Based on these test results, our experienced certified teacher creates a customized lesson plan for each student, which serves as a guide for the tutor to follow.
  • Each tutor is also given a profile of their student’s interests and needs based on a student interview. This profile is used to guide conversation and book choices, in order to keep tutoring sessions relevant and enjoyable for the student. Focus Plans and interest profiles are updated periodically as improvement is noted.
  • An outside educational consultant aggregates student data, so that we know at both the individual level and the program level how well we are doing.

On average, our JustREAD and JustMATH students improve two grade levels for 30 weeks of tutoring. They exhibit increased self-confidence, and stay in school.

We communicate directly with school staff regarding student data and progress, and they in turn provide us with quantitative and qualitative information about the student’s progress in their core classes. We conduct student, teacher and tutor surveys, and solicit testimonials from students and tutors and school staff. The majority of tutors return for a second year, and some of our tutors have stayed with JustREAD since its inception in 2005.

Why our program is effective:

  • JustREAD and JustMATH curricula are comprehensive. JustREAD begins with basic sounds of the English language and progresses incrementally through each grade level until grammar use is proficient, and the student can compose a 5-paragraph essay.  JustMATH begins with 1 + 1 = 2, and progresses through an introduction to geometry.
  • Students learn life skills from their tutors as an integral part of the tutoring relationship.


The JustREAD program addresses the needs of students who definitely would have been underserved by the traditional educational system. I am extremely appreciative that a program like this one can be part of our academic interventions.

—Keith Moody, Principal Mountain View High School

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