Our Students

At JustREAD and JustMATH, each student is treated as an individual, with differing needs and interests.  Students are interviewed and tested to determine the gaps in their knowledge. Our credentialed teacher then creates a customized focus plan, which provides an instructional guide for the tutor and student. Students choose their own reading material, and tutors gear the curriculum content to the student’s interests.

There are many reasons why teachers and counselors refer students to JustREAD and JustMATH. Some students are learning English and just need extra one-on-one help. Others have moved often and have not received a consistent education. Some may be low-income and unable to afford private tutoring. Others may have mild learning disabilities that have never been addressed, or simply fallen through the cracks of our educational system.

Every student has his or her own life story. Here are two:

Ana came to MVHS from war-torn Sierra Leone as a frightened, discouraged 11th grader. She did not know English, and had received little formal schooling in her native country. Her JustREAD tutors helped her gain trust in others by teaching her to speak, listen, read and write. “The JustREAD teachers helped me look at the pieces of the words. They’ve changed my life,” she told JustREAD supporters at a recent tutor conference.

Jose attended local schools, but his only exposure to English was at school. He became a graffiti artist, and was arrested at age 13. At JustREAD, his tutors encouraged him to write and publish his story about graffiti art in the school and city newspapers. He learned the fundamentals of reading and writing while expanding his interest in art. “My tutors put a smile on my face every time I needed them,” he said. And when his tutor gave him a box of crayons, he said: “I’ve never had Crayolas before. I’m not kidding, these are the first Crayolas I’ve ever had in my whole life.”

Read “A Wall of One’s Own,” the article Jose wrote, which was published in the Mountain View Voice.


Guess what! I became an American citizen all by myself. Thank you to my JustREAD tutors!

-- former JustREAD student

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