Our Story

Our Vision

JustREAD’s vision is that every student will graduate high school with the skills and self-confidence needed to pursue their dreams and become productive members of their communities.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to:

  • Improving the reading, writing and math skills of young people and helping them become self-directed and motivated learners;
  • Involving the community by providing trained, caring volunteers who serve as tutors;
  • Stimulating the development of reading centers by providing a comprehensive curriculum, individualized lesson plans and tutor training services.

Our History

  • JustREAD was founded in 2005 when Judge Leonard Edwards, former Santa Clara County Superior Court Justice, made a plea to Molly McCrory and Mary Wright Shaw, founders of YES Reading/Reading Partners, which tutors elementary school children. He asked them to create a similar program for at-risk teens, those he saw in his courtroom, who could not read and write well enough to graduate or get a job.
  • Teachers, reading specialists, and other volunteers created a proprietary phonics-based curriculum for 6th through 12th graders (The JustREAD ToolBox). Corporations and individuals donated time and materials to create our first Reading Center, a nurturing environment for learning, in a building donated by the Mountain View-Los Altos School District. We began tutoring Alta Vista High School students, then expanded to Mountain View High School in 2007. As evidence of our success, MVHS created an elective class so that JustREAD students earn credits toward graduation.
  • In addition to our high school program, we opened two reading centers at Graham and Crittenden Middle Schools in Mountain View, serving four schools in 2008-09.
  • We developed and piloted JustMATH at Crittenden in 2009-10, which expanded to a full program in 2010-11. A JustMATH program will open at Graham Middle School in 2011.
  • In 2010 we developed the JustMATH ToolBox, a hands-on structured curriculum comprising the key materials that help students build math knowledge and fluency in a systematic way.
  • In 2009 we created a fee-based model to provide training services to other organizations that tutor students. We trained teachers through the Santa Clara County Office of Education, who used JustREAD’s curriculum to tutor middle school foster youth in their homes after school.
  • In 2010 we also provided trainings for tutors at East Palo Alto Tennis & Tutoring to use our curriculum in their program.  Additional trainings are planned for 2011.

Although JustREAD is focused on skills development, we know that we are doing much more. Literacy is the key to empowering students to reach their full potential, both as individuals and as citizens. For a teen who has often struggled in the past, learning to master literacy and math skills from a caring, educated adult opens the door to opportunities beyond high school, limited only by the student’s dreams.

When students enter middle and high school without the academic skills they should have learned in earlier grades, JustREAD and JustMATH provide them with a fresh start: one-on-one intervention with trained adult tutors and a curriculum designed just for them.

-- Molly McCrory, co-founder JustREAD

Molly McCrory, co-founder JustREAD

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