Our Partners

JustREAD and JustMATH partner with public schools. We tutor on campus during the school day, and currently work in four schools in Mountain View, CA.

Mountain View High School
Alta Vista High School
Crittenden Middle School
Graham Middle School

We partner with other nonprofit organizations, who use our ToolBox curriculum and methods to tutor their own students.

East Palo Alto Tennis & Tutoring
(K-12 Tutoring Program)

Home of Hope

Home of Hope India


JustREAD is a member of Mountain View-Los Altos Challenge Team, which looks for creative and compassionate methods to bring positive influences into the lives of youth. We are also a member of the MVLA Mentor-Tutor Collaborative, which seeks closer cooperation with other local organizations serving youth in our communities.


JustREAD partners with members of our corporate and foundation community, who generously support our work. Our supporters include:

  • Beth Longwell Foundation
  • Dorsey & Whitney Foundation
  • Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation
  • Los Altos Community Foundation
  • Los Altos Rotary
  • Mountain View Kiwanis
  • Mountain View Rotary
  • SHG Foundation
  • Silicon Valley Association of Realtors
  • Southern Peninsula Hearing League

As always, I am astounded by the number of dedicated volunteers who give up their time and energy for our students.  I know how lucky we are to be connected to JustREAD and JustMATH, and am grateful for every moment.  Thank you for all your passion and your work on behalf of Crittenden students.

-- Karen Robinson, Principal, Crittenden Middle School

JustREAD  P.O. Box 4459, Mountain View, CA 94040    Tel: 650-940-7402   info@justreadcenters.org    Tax ID# 68-0647480