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Volunteers are the lifeblood of JustREAD. In 2015-16, approximately 80 volunteers provided over 2,300 tutoring sessions to 160 middle school and high school students in our JustREAD and JustMATH programs.

Tutors gain great satisfaction from building working relationships with students and contributing to their academic and personal success. Many tutors return to JustREAD year after year. No previous experience is necessary to become a tutor. Please bring your accomplishments and your life experiences — we will supply the curriculum and guidance.

New tutors attend an Orientation session, then shadow an experienced tutor before being assigned a student. A Site Coordinator is always present in the classroom during tutoring sessions to answer questions and provide support. The tutoring session is structured so that students and tutors know what they are supposed to work on each day.

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Thank you JustREAD tutors. You are wonderful people.

--12th Grader

Thank you for not giving up on me.

— 7th Grader




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